Ubuntu Magazine Japan Vol.09 in store now!

Ubuntu Magazine Japan (a.k.a. "Ubumaga") Vol.09 has been released. That publiciched by ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc.

Ubumaga available at bookstores in Japan.

Ubumaga adopt a "freemium" model, if you want to read latest release or getting paper style, you can get at bookstore in Japan, or not, latest -1 releases are published *free* PDF with CC-by-SA-NC license.

Vol.09 contents are:
 - 88 premium selection of free software.
 - Challenging translation with Launchpad.
 - low-price VPS catalogue for Ubuntu hobbyist.
 - getting start programing with Scratch.
 - Ubuntu in Android tablet.
 - Ubuntu server for home computing.
 - Ubunchu! manga.

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