"Ubunchu!" Comics in store now!

  How glad I am that I announce this impressive news.

  Today, "Ubunchu!" comics become a book(commercial publishment) in Japan. That released by a ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc. "Dengeki-Comics EX" label. "Ubunchu!" is previously published at CC-BY-SA-NC, you can read without any paying(like free-beer). However, "Ubunchu!" comics published as commercial publishment. Its great milestone of Ubuntu/FLOSS community work.

  If you visit book store in Japan, you can see this cover.

See also:
 * http://www.aerialline.com/comics/ubunchu
 * http://www.aerialline.com/archives/1223

 Real on-sale date is June 27. If you could see earlier in the day, you are blessed by something gods.

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