Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release party + Offline meeting 14.04 Tokyo

A few weeks ago, Ubuntu Japanese Team convene "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release party + Offline meeting 14.04" with co-sponsored by GREE, Inc and around 100 attendances. That event combine the hackathon and seminar sessions, we have it both ways.

Virtual tour:
1) A lot of sandwitchs (for 100 enlister) and party dishes.

Note: These represent just the tip of the iceberg. But, they completely-disappeared within 20 minutes....:)

2) A lot of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS CDs (From LoCo kit, thanks Canonical!) with *pretty* stuffed Tahr and Unicorn (owner: Shibata Mitsuya).

3) Terazono Junya with LipoD(Lipovitan D, Japanese popular energy drink).

4) Large screen (very nice, thanks GREE!)

5) Retrospective by Jun. Ubuntu Japanese Team create "Ubuntu Japanese Remix" for a long time (about 8years), He is great leader.

6) Seminar by Tokura Aya (Microsoft). She is evangelist/image character of Microsoft Azure/Cloud in Japan.